Saturday, May 5, 2018

Primitive Cupboard

When a friend's grandfather passed away, he was left with a house and garage FULL of "treasures". I was thankful that he asked if I was interested in looking through any of it. This primitive cupboard was in the garage storing a multitude of fishing poles and gear.

primitive cupboard before
The family thought I was a little crazy for wanting it, but I definitely saw the potential.

primitive cupboard with lots of storage
I sanded the cupboard, washed it down twice with pine sol (while wearing a mask) and then clear coated it all. The clear coat crackled the grey paint for some reason or brought out cracks that I didn't see. 
add tongue and groove beadboard to a primitive cupboard
I knocked out the door inserts. They were old linoleum flooring--I could see the red and blue checked pattern underneath the grey paint. It was very brittle and flimsy and fell apart as I removed it. I used tongue and groove beadboard in its place. I distressed the wood with a small pick and chain and nails hammered in a board. I stained it with Dark Walnut.
clear coat a primitive cupboard
I added a few more hooks on the inside. This piece has great storage and would be perfect in an entry or bedroom or family room. 


  1. congrats on saving a piece of furniture from the landfill! you resurrected a piece of furniture that even I would have probably passed on, and made it look great!

  2. The new door inserts make the piece pop. I just love the contrast of the natural wood to the black paint. Great furniture make-over!


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