Sunday, May 6, 2018

Sunday Verses

God has a plan and a purpose for each of us
Happy Sunday! One of my favorite things about hiking this time of year is discovering the blooming wildflowers. The flowers remind me of ninth grade biology when we had to collect, press, label, and correctly identify what felt like thousands of wildflowers. At the time, the assignment seemed like a pointless and tedious task. But, now I realize it gave me an appreciation for all of the different varieties of wildflowers growing in Montana. God often works in our lives this same way. There are things that we have to go through that we don't understand, but the events shape us and help us to become who he wants us to be. God is working in everything we experience to accomplish his plans and purposes. Rest in knowing that he is ALWAYS working for good in our lives, and that he will not and does not "waste" anything we have to go through.


  1. Lovely photo and even lovelier I needed to be reminded of today.

  2. Some things I've gone through & experienced I'd rather not have. Thinking about what you said put a little positive spin on those events


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