Saturday, September 10, 2016

Scrappy Pumpkin

My name is Becky and I am a keeper of wood scraps.  Lots of scraps. 
scraps, pallets, salvaged wood,

But, you can do so many fun things with scraps--like making pumpkins for fall.
pallets, salvaged, pumpkin, fall decor, scraps, rustic,
To make a pumpkin I simply place the boards I like together, use chalk to draw a pumpkin shape on the back, cut out the boards with a jigsaw, and then join them with thin boards on the back. 

salvaged wood, scraps. fall decor, wood pumpkin, DIY,
I cut out a separate stem and join it the same way.  I add some wire "tendrils".
fall decor, wood pumpkin, pallets, salvaged, wood scraps,
Easy and a great way to put those beloved scraps to use!
salvaged wood, pallets, scrappy pumpkin, fall decor, rustic,


  1. I love this! Wish I had the lumber to complete this project. Fall is my favorite season.
    Lori in Blue Ridge, GA

  2. Super cute. Looks nice & easy to whip together too.

    1. Thanks Deb, it is a quick one, especially if you use lightweight woods like pine and cedar fence boards.

  3. This is so cute and a great use for some of our hoarded lumber!


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