Wednesday, January 18, 2017

2017 Home Decor Trends

Each year I like to guess at what trends in home decor are going to be hot in the upcoming year.  Sometimes I am right, sometimes I am not.
2017 home decor trends and easy ways to add them to your home

My suggestion with trends is to NOT jump both feet, full-on, empty your bank account on to any trend, but rather find small ways to incorporate the trend into your home.  

Think accessories, painting a small wall, buying an inexpensive piece of furniture to add something trendy to your home.  I also recommend that you stick to YOUR style and find ways to add something updated that is still in keeping with your home's aesthetics and vibe. 

Here are some of my favorite things that I think we are going to see more of:

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Bright Green is the Pantone color of the year.  It adds a nice pop of color and works well with all the neutrals we love.
beachy farmhouse frame in bight green color

Bright green cozy blanket or throw

Marble is going to be everywhere, but don't feel like you have to get a second job and replace your countertops.  
Marble lazy susan for the kitchen

Marble contact paper wallpaper

Navy Blue is the still going strong as the new neutral and pairs great with the ever popular grey and with the bright green previously mentioned.
wall vase with mason jar

Navy blue burlap drum lampshade

Cork adds a natural element without being too rustic.
Cork roll with an adhesive back
 This roll of cork would be fun on the back of a bookshelf.

Faux fur is fun is small doses!
faux fur pillow

faux fur throw or seat cover

Boho Decor adds a casual and organic style to your decor.
A Boho Tapestry adds color at an affordable price.

Whatever your style, it is always fun to try something new and add a little hip and trendy decor to your home.  Which trends would you be willing to try?


  1. I purchased 1 set of those same Boho lights last month to drape over my daughter's vanity mirror. We loved them so much we purchased 3 more sets for other uses.

    1. Yay Nancy, I love them and think they are very reasonably priced.

  2. I definitely need some of those boho lights! My back patio is Boho style and those will be perfect.
    I really like that marble adhesive paper too.....


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