Monday, January 2, 2017

More Monday

Okay, I have been pondering whether or not I want to start this new series--More Mondays.
You see, in the past I have started some other series that never seemed to catch on and you lost interest and I lost interest and, well, I let them die.  And, this is scary for me because I am really trying to commit to a whole year of these posts, 52 days of posts that I hope will inspire and motivate you to get more out of life.

And this series really isn't in keeping with my typical blog content--building and creating home decor on a budget.  But, this something I want to do for myself and want to share with you, my readers.  

And, I am certainly no life coach, but I am trying to work at coaching myself and have decided to bring you along and hopefully we both can grow and learn and have MORE in 2017.

Okay, are you still with me?  So, let's start at the very beginning (because, after all it is a very good place to start), which is yesterday's Sunday's verse about loving God and others completely and wholly.  You may be asking, how does a series on getting MORE out of 2017 have to do with these two commandments? 

Here it is folks--God wants MORE for us and giving him MORE absolutely will result in a better life for us (although, that is not why we do it). And I know, the word MORE sounds greedy and self-serving, but wanting better things in our lives is okay, really.  Remember, God wants that for us too. And, when we focus on loving better, we will have more.

So, here is my goal, my plan, my proposal:  Each week on Mondays I will share a printable or two with you that will be keeping with the getting more from life theme.  These might be simply a motivational quote, but more often they will include some homework for the week. Some will focus on what I want more of and you may want to ignore those weeks or adapt them to your needs (although I think most of us want the same things).  The printables can be hole-punched and put in a binder and if you play along, by the end of the year you will have a great resource.

And, we are going to do this in baby steps--small changes, little, doable things. One week we may focus on more fun and another week on more rest.  We will flow back and forth and between the different MORE things we want.

Are you still on board?  I sure hope so!  Here are the first week's MORE printables:
This first one (HERE) you can print and use as the cover for your binder (although it is a square) or just print and pin to your bulletin board or mirror. 

The second (HERE) is your homework for the week.  First, you need to identify what you want more of and although there may be many things, let's focus on five (or print out a few sheets and fill out as many as you want). As the weeks go on I will share how wanting more can be in keeping with loving others and God more.

You will see, wanting more means we need to have less of other things.  Our "less of" things should be those things that are keeping us from having more--less fear, less TV, less Facebook, less comparison, less stuff, less sugar, less worry.  This week focus on three things that are holding you back from having more.  

Y'all, I am stepping out of my comfort zone here, but I am excited to hear what you think.  Share something you want more of or something you are going to work at having less of.  Let's do this thing!!


  1. I'm in. This falls in line with what I am working on for me this year.

  2. I'm in! I love the idea and I support you! Anything to motivate and build up that is my wish for everyone!

  3. I read this over with my 8 & 9 yr old daughters, we're all going to do it! Sounds wonderful!!

    1. I love that, awesome! I made my hubby and daughter read it too ;)!

  4. This looks great, Becky! Thanks for the inspiration! I'll be checking in on Monday's!!


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