Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Wood Crate End Table

Storage, we all need it. And even though I am purging more junk so I need less storage, we all need places to tuck those things that we won't be parting with, but also don't necessarily want out in plain sight. 

In comes an old wood crate/trunk.
crate, rustic, old trunk, end table,

Add some H shaped legs or base (made from pallet boards)  and you have a two for one piece--an end table AND a storage piece. 
rustic end table, furniture with storage, old crate,
I am not sure what this was originally used for, as it opens about in the middle and provided storage on both sides.  I left the elastic pieces in it.  I like to imagine that some peddler used it do hold pots and pans to sell to farm wives.  But, I am pretty sure it is not that old 😉, although it was all constructed with nails so it has some age to it.
old crate, wood trunk, side table, rustic decor,
I did have to square it up and add some screws to help hold it.  
rustic decor, storage, end table, side table, wood trunk,
I then simply gave it a light sanding and a clear coat.  It is rustic and a great side table with bonus storage.


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