Thursday, January 12, 2017

Upcyling an Old Chair with Reclaimed Wood

Oops I did it again...upholstered an old chair with reclaimed wood that is.

use reclaimed wood to transform and upholster an old chair
This old chair came from a neighbor several years ago.  I can't even remember what the original upholstery looked like, but I reupholstered it POORLY with cheap fabric that pilled and let it sit in my bedroom for too many years.
old antique upholstered chair
When we moved, it didn't make the bedroom cut, so I decided it was time to part with it, but not before it was upcycled.

upcycling an old chair with horsehair filling
I removed the old upholstery, including the horsehair padding.
antique chair frame upcycled
The frame had been stained dark where the wood showed.  The wood that was under the upholstery would have been considered inferior, but I loved the look.
reclaimed wood gives an old chair new life

I stained all of the wood dark and then added reclaimed wood pieces.

barn wood and pallet wood on an old chair
I wasn't sure if I wanted to curve the salvaged wood on the back, but in the end decided to keep it straight.
Use barn wood and pallet wood to upcycle a vintage chair
I used pallet wood and barn wood--only small scraps are needed.  I attach the wood "upholstery" with a nail gun and small brad nails. 
Salvaged Wood used to upholster and update an old chair
I also made an easy little foot stool to sit in front of the chair. Such an easy way to give a fresh look to an old chair.


  1. This is such a great transformation, turned out beautifully!

    1. Thanks Linda! I now keep my eyes open for chairs that will work well with wood upholstery.

  2. Love this transformation! What a unique and great way to "fix" an old chair.


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