Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sunday Verses and Happy New Year!

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Happy Sunday and Happy New Year! It is that time of year when we make resolutions, make a fresh start, try to do life better than we have. I am convinced that if we would focus on these two commandments and spend our time loving and serving God better and loving and serving our neighbors better, all of our other resolutions would fall into place. Jesus made it pretty clear--these two directives are at the heart of everything else. And I know I fail miserably at living out these commandments well. I get caught up in my own little world, my problems and issues. I forget that my energies and focus are best spent on loving God and others. This year I am resolving to better love Jesus and others. I am resolving to direct my attention to these 2 commandments--I am excited to see what unfolds.


  1. That is lovely, Becky! I have always felt our purpose here is to manifest God's love to others...I try to find ways to do that each day. Wishing you a blessed, love-filled 2017!

    1. Happy New Year Linda! Yes, I agree, we are called to show his love to others and I think if we focus on this, our lives will change.

  2. Just stopped by to wish you a Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year Becky! Your verse today couldn't have had better timing! A friend and I just talked about how we knew we were going to get closer to God this year. We can't go wrong living like this! Jesus is joy! God bless...

  4. Happy New Year and ho[e all your wishes to be more loving to your neighbors and God come true.


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