Monday, January 16, 2017

More Health on More Mondays

Welcome to our third week of getting MORE in 2017! 

(week 1 HERE, week 2 HERE)

The number on resolution that people make, year after year, is to get healthy and lose weight. 

And, it is a great goal.  Except we seem to have a tough time keeping it because we often set such big goals that we get overwhelmed and frustrated and we quit.  Some of us have already quit on day 16 of the new year.

MORE HEALTH is about so much more than losing weight.  Okay, I am pretty sure I need to mention here that I am NOT a health professional and that any claims I am going to make or recommendations that I am going to give must be taken and used at your own risk and that you need to consult your healthcare professional before starting anything new. 

Being healthy, having more health, is about us being the best that we can be--for ourselves, our families, for service to others, and for God.  It is NOT about a number on the scale, a size on the label, a number of steps that we take each day.  Being healthy feels good and when we feel good we are able to do and enjoy life so much more.

But, when we set unrealistic goals and make it about something that is temporary and fleeting (like how we look) health becomes a chore and something that is hard to attain and even harder to keep.  Let's focus on MORE HEALTH to simply be better versions of ourselves that feel better.
I am proposing that we start small, with small changes that are easy to incorporate into our lives.  Print out this MORE HEALTH worksheet HERE and pick 2 (or 3) things to start with this week. Don't choose 10, don't make them harder than they have to be, don't punish yourself if you forget or have to start over.  

Try to do the two things you picked for the next few weeks. See how you feel.  Then when those few things are becoming a habit, pick a few more to try.  Be kind to yourself, gentle. Be healthy. 

Let me know what you are working on--I would love to encourage you and cheer you on!


  1. I printed this and LOVE it! I have really been talking to the Lord about doing better! I need to lose 30 pounds and exercise! I am a gym member and haven't been in months..ugh! Thank you! I plan to make more copies and give to my co-workers. Praying for a better 2017!!

    1. Thank you Jamie for sharing--I will be praying for you. I am such a big believer in small changes, not an all or nothing attitude. Balance is key!


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