Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday Verses

Bible Verse about God seeing beauty in our hearts
Happy Sunday! A few weeks ago my daughter and I headed out around our town to take a few wintry day portraits. One place we stopped is an abandoned house and farm located just a few miles from our home. The falling buildings, rusted trucks, broken bits and pieces that were once part of someone's life were all beautiful to me. When others see the place they might see garbage and junk, but I see something different. And, it reminds me of God and how he sees us. He looks past all of our ugliness, all of our faults and mistakes, all of those things that are broken, and he sees beauty. It is comforting to know that God looks at us with unconditional love-- he sees our hearts and thinks we are beautiful.


  1. This is really something I need to work on. Thanks Becky.

  2. I agree with Kim. I could work on this area as well. God bless you Becky and have a wonderful week :)


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