Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sunday Verses

psalm about god's power and how we are to be like windmills
Happy Sunday! I think most of us believe that God's power is available to us to help us in this life, but I think we (or at least I) try to tell God how to use his power.  The power is HIS and we are asked to be like windmills that turn as needed to harness it.  We need to listen and watch and see what Jesus is doing and tune in to it. God is a God of specifics and we can try and tell him what we specifically need or want, but He always has a better plan than we do.  If we let him have all the power, and stop trying to control and direct life, God will work HIS way--the best way!


  1. Great message today. I need to work on this one.

  2. Thanks Kim! It is hard to let go, but in reality is so much easier when we just let God work and lean into what he is doing, rather than our agendas!


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